Destiny's Child goes Nuclear but not with tour

Kelly Rowland says Destiny's Child has no plans to tour.

The singer was reunited with her bandmates Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams earlier this month, when the trio performed at the Super Bowl half-time show.

Destiny's Child has also released a new compilation album Love Songs, which features a fresh track called Nuclear. Despite enjoying working together again, Rowland insists she hasn't discussed hitting the road with Beyonce and Williams.

"I can't say anything about a possible tour. I know Beyonce is touring," Rowland said backstage at the Grammy Awards.

"I have my new single Kisses Down Low, and Williams is doing (theatre show) Fela! If something like that comes up in conversation - it hasn't - then we'll see what happens."

Shortly after the Super Bowl performance, Beyonce announced her next world tour, the Mrs. Carter Show. The tour will start in Belgrade on April 15 and end in New York, on August 3.


Rowland admits she does "miss" performing live with her fellow bandmates.

"Superbowl though? Oh my gosh, I cannot begin to tell you how much fun that was. It felt really good to look on the other side of the stage and Beyonce and Michelle were walking in for Bootylicious," she smiled.

"I miss those moments with my sisters. It was incredible. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. It was hard to keep that secret."