Diesel shows he's still got it

Mark Lizotte, aka Diesel, played in Canberra on Friday night.
Mark Lizotte, aka Diesel, played in Canberra on Friday night. Photo: Rohan Thomson


The Abbey

Friday, October 26

Last Friday night The Abbey was the place to be in Canberra when axe man Diesel thrilled the crowd with his lightning covers of the great Muddy Waters’ classics.

Under the banner of Diesel v Muddy Waters, the Aussie guitar slinger went crazy with not only his own hits from the past decades but also the long gone legendary blues masters’ powerhouse numbers.

Hoochie Coochie Man was a standout highlight, but Mannish Boy as well as Champagne and Reefer also really added to the great atmosphere.

Yet it was Diesel’s own familiar signature tunes – Cry in Shame, Soul Revival, Don’t Need Love, Come to Me etc that got the crowd up and dancing.

Accompanied only by a two-piece rhythm section, Diesel had the place rocking.

The guy sure knows how to play guitar. And he played seven of them throughout the night.

In fact, for the first four songs he played four different guitars.

Pretty cool.

And the Abbey has got to be one of Canberra’s best emerging live music venues.