"My music changed me" ... Andre Rieu.

"My music changed me" ... Andre Rieu. Photo: Paul Rovere

You're so loved by audiences. Do you have a similar passion for an artist or band?

I admire Johann Strauss a lot. I believe he was a genius of his time. It is a real piece of art if you can make a waltz sound like it is the easiest piece of music to play, because it's really not.

Do you get time to go to the cinema?

Since I am on the road most of the year, I hardly have time. Thank god for technology! It allows me to watch movies on my iPad or the computer.

What is your favourite film?

The Sound of Music. I have loved it from when I was young and fell in love with Julie Andrews.

If you could relax in front of the television or go out and see a concert, which would you prefer?

I would stay home. When you are on the road as much as I am and you perform over 100 concerts a year, the choice is made very fast.

Do you love reading in your spare time? And if so, what is your favourite book?

I love reading but I never last very long because I fall asleep right away.

When you were a teenager, who was your musical idol?

I was so busy with my studies that I didn't have a musical idol as a teenager. Later, around my 20s, I suddenly discovered the Beatles and the Rolling Stones but I guess my musical idol has always been Strauss.

How does it feel to sell more records than some of the biggest bands in the world?

It is not my goal. [My goal] is to travel around the world and make beautiful music together with my orchestra.

Has wealth changed you?

No, my music changed me. It makes me a happier man, a happier person.

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