Good Vibrations - Sound Track

Good Vibrations – Soundtrack

This collection does everything a sound track should do. It captures the theme and atmosphere of the movie it soundtracks with a set of songs which provide a snapshot of first-rate independent music that brings out a universal free-spirited approach to creative expression. Good Vibrations the movie, focuses on the varied musical tastes of one person, Terri Hooley, whose belief in art as a vital source of transcendence resulted in the promotion of punk rock in late 1970s Northern Ireland. But this isn’t where he began. When Hooley first set up the record shop in an unenviable part of Belfast he was well into reggae and '60s R&B.  These genres are represented by the classic track Blood and Fire from Niney (The Observer) and Outcast from the superb 1966 Animals album Animalisms. Elsewhere, cream of the crop punk comes from Irish bands Stiff Little Fingers, Rudi and The Undertones, with Teenage Kicks one of the greatest rock'n'roll songs.