John English is back in Canberra for another show.

John English is back in Canberra for another show.

Jon English and Six is Enough.
Teatro Vivaldi, ANU Arts Centre. Friday, February 21, 7pm (dinner and show).
Tickets $70, $80, $90 depending on seat location. Bookings: 62572718.

Looking for an English evening out? Veteran musician and actor Jon English is heading back to Canberra with a new show in which he will be backed by a five-piece band, Six is Enough, including Keith ''Stretch'' Kerwin, of the Foster Brothers.

English will perform the hit songs from a musical career spanning more than 40 years, including Six Ribbons and Words Are Not Enough, and songs from musicals in which he has appeared. There will be numbers from Jesus Christ Superstar - English played Judas in the Australian premiere production in 1972 - his self-penned rock opera, Paris, and his musical, Buskers and Angels. English will also sing hits from the stage salute to rock music of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, Trilogy of Rock.

He will be accompanied by Amy Vee, who also plays acoustic, bass and electric guitar, keyboards and violin, and singer, guitarist and violinist Emma Beau.

The next night, he will be a presenter at the Canberra Area Theatre Awards at Llewellyn Hall.