Bach's musical universe of infinite variety

Conductor Brett Weymark.

Just what prompted Bach to assemble a large-scale Latin mass in the last years of his life is unclear, but part of his thinking seems to have been to create an encyclopaedic musical survey of vocal church music, just as he had done for the keyboard (Clavier-Ubung and Well Tempered Clavier) and concert instruments (the Brandenburg Concertos).

Vintage glamour can't disguise formulaic music

Lana Del Rey: Heavy on the vintage glamour.

For all the arguments about authenticity that have dogged Lana Del Rey since her 2011 breakthrough, when the self-described "gangster Nancy Sinatra" switched to old-Hollywood gowns and Bond-theme strings (from the T-shirts and conventional pop that had failed her a year earlier), this gig proved she can certainly sing.

Deep emotion from just one guitar, one voice

Jose Gonzalez: Deeply moving.

One guitar, one voice. It's a seemingly limited sonic palette but Jose Gonzalez had a few tricks up his sleeve to help him cast a spell in a bewitching and, at times, deeply moving performance.

Misery loves company

Bearded philosopher: Rory Graham, AKA Rag'n'bone Man.

Rag'n'Bone Man, aka Rory Graham, delivered 90 minutes of soul-baring blues-pop, belting choruses of heartbreak and the occasional murder ballad. Most of the crowd would have happily taken more.

Next generation recalls purple reign

New Power Generation's Morris Hayes at the keyboard.

As the second anniversary of the Purple One's unexpected passing approaches, the Prince industry continues to be the bittersweet gift that keeps on giving.

Hip-Hop With an Irish Lilt

Irish rapper Rejjie Snow.

The Irish are renowned for their way with words. But the nation of bardic poetry, James Joyce and W.B. Yeats has proved a latecomer to the wordiest of music genres, hip-hop.