Coming to Canberra: Children's entertainer and former Wiggle, Sam Moran.

Coming to Canberra: Children's entertainer and former Wiggle, Sam Moran. Photo: Graham Tidy

Former yellow Wiggle Sam Moran admits it was daunting leaving the kids’ supergroup to strike out as a solo artist.

‘‘It is intimidating doing it yourself and not having other people to bounce ideas off or knowing whether the ideas are going to work in a practical sense,’’ he said.

He needn’t have worried.

Sam Moran's new album and TV show have been a success.

Sam Moran's new album and TV show have been a success.

His television show, Play Along With Sam, on Nick Jr, has been nominated for ASTRA and Logie awards and his debut album of the same name was  nominated at last year’s ARIA awards.

Now he is embarking on his first full-blown tour, appearing in Canberra at the Street Theatre, on Wednesday, April 23.

‘‘It’s been phenomenal that people have supported the venture,’’ he said.

‘‘I will say, the first day on set, it had been over a year since I’d done any filming at all. So before they called, ‘Action’, I was thinking, ‘I don’t know if I remember how to do this’. But as soon as they called action, it was straight back in there.’’

Moran is relishing the tour, which begins in Adelaide on Saturday.

‘‘Doing the live shows is what it’s all about for me,’’ he said.

‘‘When you’re recording music or filming something, there’s no children around and it’s a completely different thing. When you get to finally do those shows in front of an audience and see them singing along and having a great time, that’s where by reward comes into it.

‘‘And the thing about being a dad now, I have an appreciation for being a parent at a show. I really appreciate every parent who is there because I understand how hard it is to just get out of the door some days, let alone to a show, with kids in tow. So I want to make sure they have a good time too.’’

His daughter, Eloise, is now four and clearly enjoying having such a fun dad.

‘‘Now it’s hard to keep her off the stage, she just wants to be up there with me,’’ he said.

‘‘She’s going to be a stage girl for sure.’’

Moran was in music education before he joined The Wiggles. He was a professional singer and performer while studying musical education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

He believes the success of Play Along With Sam  is due to his  academic knowledge but also the experience of his years with The Wiggles, which began in 2002.

‘‘The way I’ve planned the show is what I know from children’s entertainment and children’s education,’’ he said. ‘‘It’s just knowing how to connect with the child.’’

Moran says the highlight of his new venture has been watching families enjoy the shows and the music.

‘‘The fact children love it has been the most validating and rewarding thing,’’ he said.

And he does enjoy the random encounters with his young fans when he is out of character, not in the safari suit.

‘‘I’ll be at the supermarket and they’ll be sitting in the shopping trolley and their mother will be so busy looking at the shelves that they don’t see me there but the child looks at me like, ‘How did you get out of the television?!’,’’ he said, with a laugh.

‘‘I just give them a little wave and keep going and I find that the most entertaining, the little moment that that child had, that’s the most fun.’’

And any more kids for him?

‘‘I’m sure that is on the horizon,’’ he said.

Tickets for the Canberra show are at or 6247 1223.