Question time

My ideal weekend in Canberra would be … What are weekends? I have a talent for being behind the eight ball, so I'm usually somewhere in the shame cycle of procrastination and scrambling to finish something. But, when I do procrastinate, I like to play video games.

My proudest theatrical moment was probably when my first play, Dracula Kidnaps Someone's Bridesmaid was performed and people didn't hate it. Having work performed in Brisbane and Sydney this year has also been an amazing experience. It still feels strange to see actors reciting my words on stage. The feeling is somewhere between pride and ''I can't believe I'm getting away with this''. Part of me wants to stand up, stop the show and yell, ''I'm sorry! I don't really know what I'm doing. I just made up the words as I went along!'' Fortunately, so far, nobody has alerted the authorities to my activities.

My most embarrassing theatrical moment was in high school when I acted in a Neil Simon play called The Prisoner of Second Avenue. At one point I had to bang on the wall. So I banged away and the wall responded by tottering and then careening forward. I was stuck there for the rest of the scene holding the wall up while trying to affect nonchalance. Fortunately, the audience thought it was hilarious.

My favourite place to eat out in Canberra is the Italian Continental Bakery in Mawson, because I love Italian food.

I prefer writing to acting because I love acting but writing is my obsession/compulsion. It's not really that I ''prefer'' writing; it's [more] that I'm the slave to a demon mistress who tortures, fascinates and commands me. I currently have a cycle where I act in a play by a brilliant writer and spend a few months living with their words rattling around my head, and then when the show's over, I return to my playwriting with new insights.

The best thing about the Canberra theatre community is the strange, wonderful people who make up the ''mutually satisfying weirdness'' that is theatre in Canberra. Also, the hugs. There are some amazing huggers in Canberra theatre.

John Lombard's play Therapist is being performed in Brisbane and he is contributing short fiction to the Villainesses exhibition in September.