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A Current Affair reporter attacked after ambush on 'neighbour from hell'

A Current Affair's love of the on-camera ambush has led to a dramatic moment for Nine reporter Chris Allen.

Allen was physically attacked and threatened while filming a story on a Gold Coast man dubbed 'the neighbour from hell'.

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'Neighbour from hell' ambushes reporter

A Gold Coast man threatens a reporter on A Current Affair, resulting in his being dubbed a 'neighbour from hell'.

"This story made us want to give our neighbours a hug," quipped host Tracy Grimshaw as she introduced the segment, which aired on the current affairs show on Tuesday night.

Lester Sutherland, from Ashmore, rushed Allen and Nine's camera crew, manhandled the reporter and threatened to "bite [his] f---ing face off".

"You put any of this s--- on news, I mean it... I know who you are, c---," Sutherland told Allen, after raising a fist at the reporter.

Sutherland was accused by his neighbour Craig Merriman of years of drunken behaviour, abuse and bullying, including graffiti-ing obscenities on his own home aimed at Merriman.


"North Korea has Kim Jong Un, Ashmore has Lester Sutherland," Merriman told Allen.

Later in the segment, Sutherland attempted to grab Allen in a headlock and further threatened the ACA reporter.

"You know what your news story is about? It's about you, c---. I will pull your f---ing wings off," he told Allen.

"Stop filming me... And lose the f---ing tape," he added, as he stormed off.

The segment drew criticism online, with viewers questioning ACA's approach.

"He's mentally ill. I find it really irresponsible for A Current Affair to do a story on him when it's so flipping clear he's unwell," a commenter said.

"A Current Affair pushed this man to get a result for cameras. He really needs help," added another.

Grimshaw said other neighbours were approached for the story but were "too afraid" to go on camera.  


Your home is your Castle, but your neighbours are a lottery. Judging from our emails, plenty of Australians lose that lottery. But Lester here, is in a class of his own. This story made us want to give our neighbours a hug. #9ACA | WATCH THE FULL STORY: https://www.9now.com.au/a-current-affair/2017/extras/latest/171114/living-next-door-to-lester

Posted by A Current Affair on Tuesday, November 14, 2017