A to Z of the modern woman: Doyle tours book

Former Canberra girl and television presenter Melissa Doyle will be in town this weekend at the National Library of Australia to promote her new book, Alphabet Soup.

The book is scattered with anecdotes about life as a woman and a working mother, and some highlights from her career.

Unlike some of the other celebrity books on the market these days suggesting in no uncertain terms how you should live your life, Doyle says it’s not her style to preach.

''I think for me it was more about wanting to share my experiences because I really want to say to other women, I think we’re all doing our best,'' she said.

''Something as women I think we think we’re the only ones trying to make it all work and not succeeding and I don’t think that’s a healthy thing.''

Having left Sunrise in 2013, Doyle now spends a lot of time on the road, covering events all over the world.


''The thing I love most is bringing events to people live as they unfold. I’ve has some extraordinary opportunities this year, standing outside the jail in Bali as Schapelle was released and I just got back from the royal tour,'' she says.

''I also went over and did the Oscars and covered the Syrian refugee crisis last year.''

And while she misses her old gig, she says she no longer has a need for her old friend, the trusty alarm clock.

''I don’t set it anymore. I get to 6am and it’s a three-hour sleep in. I now get to get up and get the kids off to school.''

Melissa Doyle will be talking about her new book, Alphabet Soup, at the National Library of Australia on Saturday May 10 at 1:30pm. Tickets $15 from nla.gov.au.