Adam Hills is quitting his ABC show because he is worried he'll 'run out of funny'.

Adam Hills is quitting his ABC show because he is worried he'll 'run out of funny'.

Adam Hills is switching off his ABC TV series Adam Hills Tonight, for fear of "running out of funny," the comedian has announced.

The affable TV presenter and funnyman announced on Wednesday his ABC chat show won't air next year.

"Basically, I need a rest. More to the point, I need a break," Hills wrote on his blog.

"I fear that in trying to combine a career on UK TV as well as one in Australia, I am in danger of, to put it simply, running out of funny."

Hills has been in high demand in the UK following a stint as host of the nightly 2012 London Paralympics show The Last Leg on Channel 4.

He said he would continue to be on Australian screens with The Last Leg, which the ABC airs, and has been commissioned for two more series by Channel 4.

"I am also talking to Channel 4 about some new ideas (some theirs, some mine) which may also make it back to Australia," he wrote.

Adam Hills Tonight premiered in 2011 and had its third season finale in August, 2013.

Hills said he would be taking time out to spend with family and rejuvenate to generate more material.

He explained that he and his wife are expecting their second child "any day" and he doesn't want to be "so busy making other people laugh that I don't make my own daughters happy".

Hills did not rule out a return to ABC screens in the future.

"The mere fact that I will be the father of two girls means I will need to get back to work as soon as possible, in order to pay for whatever outrageous demands teenagers will have in 2023, so rest assured I will be banging on the ABC's door before the end of the year with a whole laptop full of new ideas, and may even resurrect Adam Hills Tonight in 2015 if anyone will let me."