Agony Aunts, Wednesday, May 9

ABC1, 9.35pm

When the ABC does trash TV, it generally does it rather well, and this fun bit of lifestyle fluff from Wilfred creator Adam Zwar is no exception. A cute companion piece to dating advice series Agony Uncles, it draws on the diverse experiences of its unabashedly upfront subjects to present a tongue-in-cheek overview of the love game from the feminine perspective. While all the women have important knowledge to impart on the matters of the first kiss, the first date and what never to tell your beau (Mirka Mora's boudoir recollections are by far the most shocking), the entire show could have easily been carried by the marvellously dry Judith Lucy, whose dating tips include, ''Oh, just get drunk and sleep together.'' Exquisite old Hollywood montages nicely illustrate some delicate concepts.