Auction Room, Sunday, May 6

ABC1, 6pm

With the unfortunate demise of Collectors, the ABC has come up with an equally winning formula guaranteed to lure back the bower birds and closet hoarders. Fronted by William McInnes, this series has the same no-nonsense tempo as Collectors, a similar empathy for its subjects and, crucially, the same philosophy - that people can be understood by the things they collect. The difference here is that collectors are selling their stuff, with McInnes coming along for the ride.

Tonight we meet Ken Dowd, a Melbourne GP who owns Australia's largest private collection of Aussie Rules memorabilia. (He is selling it off to finance a divorce settlement.) We also meet cricket author Ken Piesse, who is selling a team-signed stump from the 1948 Invincibles tour. Priceless piece of sporting glory or just a lump of wood? Tune in to find out.