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Baby Hospital, Tuesday, May 1

LifeStyle You, 8.30pm

This documentary series, filmed in the neonatal intensive-care ward of Liverpool Women's Hospital, is raw and heartbreaking viewing. The narrator explains that ''miracles'' here are few and far between. One of those for whom there is not a happy ending is young Charlie, who was deprived of oxygen before he was delivered via emergency caesarean. When we first see him and his 18-year-old mother, Amy, he is on life support because his kidneys are not working and nobody knows how severe his brain damage is. When Charlie fails to improve, his doctors and family have to make the heart-rending decision to take him off life support and watch him die after living for just 12 days. The documentary makers treat the people involved with great sensitivity and it is nice that they revisit Amy four months later to see how she is getting on. It could be better, though, if there was more detail about the nature of the babies' problems and the treatments they undergo.