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Better Homes and Gardens, Friday, May 4

Seven, 7.30pm

The cracking pace of the segments and the way the hosts slap each job together make this a difficult show to warm to, but in terms of relaying information in the most efficient way possible, it does a decent job.

Most of the projects set the bar pretty low, too, but at least they're achievable and affordable.

Tonight, Jason employs his Tetris skills to create a gigantic dry-stone letterbox made from salvaged sandstone. There's a time capsule inside and, most importantly, the postie approves. Ed lets loose on the barbecue with a feast that includes some ultra-sugary French toast and, with winter approaching, Karen Martini turns her ladle to fragrant onion soup. Dr Harry also visits some green sea turtles being nursed back to health. They have nothing to do with homes or gardens but with creatures this cute, who really cares?