Big Brother no longer a palace for Buckingham

Mirror-loving Melbourne model Ryan Buckingham became the second house mate evicted on the Nine Network's reality series Big Brother, which threw in a new twist tonight.

After Buckingham was evicted, the show's host Sonia Kruger said goodbye to the remaining dozen house mates who were watching her on the television screen inside the compound at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

However, instead of the screen shutting off, the house mates were duped into thinking the live feed had been accidentally left on.

Kruger then announced on the show that there was a second Big Brother house which was actually a room full of paid actors.

The show's producers this week will make the house mates think their existence on Big Brother depends upon winning challenges against the fake second set of house mates.

Nominations for the next eviction will take place tomorrow night after one of the closest voting results in Australian Big Brother history.