Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, Tuesday, June 5

<i>Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms</i>.
Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms

Channel Ten, 8.30pm

WHAT'S becoming increasingly evident as Bikie Wars continues is how petty the whole thing is. Viewed in the kindest light, there's something Shakespearean about the inevitability of the escalating violence as this story moves to its denouement, propelled by ego and testosterone.

The writers and performers (and directors, and editors) have done a good job of laying the emotional foundations. We understand how powerful the brotherhood is, and therefore how powerful a thing it is when that founders. In that sense, Bikie Wars maintains its internal logic.

What's depressing is that here, as in the real world, this is not really about territory or money or market share, or any of the other tangibles that generally drive crime wars. This is really just about who has the biggest dick.