Bollywood, here we come!

Forget Hollywood, the latest Aussie reality talent search show will launch an actor's career in the biggest movie industry in the world - Bollywood.

The four-part SBS series Bollywood Star will reward the winner with a role in a Bollywood movie by award-winning producer and director Mahesh Bhatt.

Sitting in judgment of the talented, and not-so-talented aspiring actors at the Sydney and Melbourne auditions are filmmaker Anupam Sharma, Bollywood talent-spotter Raj Suri and Bollywood choreographer Dipti Patil.

In the opening episode there's the usual tragic wannabes and shining lights.

One applicant says he's auditioning because "life is like a bag of samosas, you have to eat them all".

At one stage, Sharma, so fed up with the number of people turning up, reverts to a quiz-like approach to weed out the time wasters - and those who can't name a Bollywood film are out.


The SBS production, which was filmed during the second half of last year, was so inundated with applicants, the audition process had to be changed mid-stream.

Instead of seeing each applicant individually, the judges asked for two or three people at a time, which suited Queensland paramedic Teigan Lloyd-Evans.

Lloyd-Evans was among more than 1000 people who attended the auditions in Sydney and, after queuing several hours, she teamed-up with a male applicant.

The pair engage in a dramatic lover's quarrel much to the delight of the judges.

"I met him throughout the day and we went in together at the end," Lloyd-Evans said.

"There was no script. It was impromptu."

Lloyd-Evans, who's only acting experience was appearing in high school plays, auditioned because she wanted to fulfil a life-long ambition to be an actor.

"At school I really loved drama and have always been interested in the performing arts but my heart was in the health industry," she says.

"I did acting at school and that's all the training I have done so this was a chance to go back and try to be an actor."

Bollywood Star premieres on SBS One on Saturday, June 2 at 7.30pm.