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Sunrise: Sam Armytage challenges Kochie over comments on dating 'calm' women

Sunrise host David Koch's on-air comments that men prefer "level-headed and calm" women has drawn the ire of his female colleagues.

Samantha Armytage and Edwina Bartholomew challenged the 59-year-old on Wednesday morning, telling him women instead needed to be themselves while in the dating game.

The skirmish followed a lively interview between Bartholomew and First Dates contestant Stephanie Sherer who said men found her a bit full-on.

"I definitely think guys prefer the chase and they prefer someone who's a little more reserved, a little bit more held back," she said.

"They may be like, 'This chick is a level seven crazy', but I'm not. I'm more like a level 6.5."


After Armytage said 6.5 out of 10 was "not bad", Kochie called it "an interesting insight".

"I think the underlying theme, ladies, is blokes - we're just basically simple. We just want the simple things in life. We don't want the big full-on," he said.

A stunned and bemused Armytage pressed her colleague on the matter.

"So what do you want? What do you mean by simple? Have we got time for this, producers?" she laughed.

Replied Kochie: "A bit level-headed and calm. Not simple, but calm. We like a bit calmness in our life."

Bartholomew was quick to reprimand the father-of-four and reminded him women simply ought to be themselves.

"There's got to be a bit of pizzazz, Kochie. Simple's boring," she said.

"Better to be yourself in the beginning, I would suggest, if you're dating. You either like it or you don't."

Armytage agreed, adding: "6.5 keeps you on your toes".

"There's a time for it," Kochie said. "There's a time and a moment. I married a really calm lady."

"Libby Koch is a saint," Armytage reminded him, laughing.

"She is, I admit that," Kochie confessed.

The comments come in the wake of accusations Armytage and Bartholomew were "bimbos" and had done a 'disservice to feminism' during an awkward interview with Sex and the City actress Kristin Davis last week.

The opinion piece by ABC presenter Virginia Haussegger was condemned outright by Armytage and her colleagues, with the Sunrise presenter labelling Haussegger "a bully".