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Celebrity Apprentice, Thursday, April 26

Channel Nine, 8pm

Well! Critics' first (and perhaps only) rule is: no spoilers. It's our version of the Hippocratic oath. So that prevents me revealing why I'm pretty peeved at recent developments in Celebrity Apprentice. What I can say is that after the perfectly joyous vibe of episode one, things are already turning nasty and while that is obviously going to appeal to a great many people, it's not so much to my taste. However, if a focus on backstabbing and hissy fits is what you enjoy, this series is just getting better. And for the more tender-hearted among us, there are still some real feel-good moments, too. The challenge tonight is to set up and run a fun fair, in which one team gets the ''benefit'' of a surprise addition courtesy of Mr Bouris and the other gets a boost through more unorthodox means.