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Conspiracy 365, Saturday, May 5

FMC, 7pm

Cal Ormond (Harrison Gilbertson) is a teenager who should be fretting about pimples and getting his L plates. Instead, he's been on the run since just after the death of his father and now he's being held captive at Greenwood Lodge by baddie Vulkan Sligo (Rob Carlton), who's force-feeding him sedatives. Based on the young-adult novels of Gabrielle Lord, this is a long-haul viewing experience about a boy and a 400-year-old family secret, referred to as the Ormond Singularity. Tonight, after breaking out of the funny farm, Ormond ends up at the place of his great-uncle Bart (played by acting veteran Gerard Kennedy) where he discovers a little more about the Ormond jewel and its connection to Elizabeth I. It's all very intriguing stuff. And never mind the L plates, Ormond has something altogether more exciting up his sleeve in this episode. More Anthony Horowitz than Enid Blyton, the series is a gritty, relentlessly fast-paced drama with consistently solid performances by the likeable lead actor.