Didi & B, Thursday, May 2

Nick Jr, 7am, 6pm, various other times

An utterly charming new Australian interstitial series starring a puppet butterfly named Didi and a puppet bee named B. The episodes only run for a few minutes and Didi and B do something different in each. In one they sing a song about the alphabet; in another B chats with a live kid; in another they explain how to make a crown out of cardboard and aluminium foil by narrating footage of children making their own; and in another they are just singing each other a lovely goodnight song against a gorgeous backdrop of twinkling stars and a mushroom house with warmly glowing windows. Didi and B are immediately endearing and it is nice to hear them saying ''zed'' instead of ''zee''. However, I am not sure whether their habit of saying ''most bestest'' is terribly helpful.