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Dirk Gently, Monday, April 30

ABC2, 9.30pm

Last week we opened with a missing cat. This week, a bomb. Or is it? In most detective stories nothing is quite as it seems but in Dirk Gently we can be certain that nothing, no matter how odd or obscure, is a red herring. Because, as Mr Gently keeps reminding us, everything is connected. With Douglas Adams' distinct sensibility as its backbone and some terrific writing from Howard Overman (New Tricks, Hustle, Misfits), Gently's adventures present as silliness from beginning to end but actually demonstrate really carefully detailed plotting as well as great verve and imagination. One man thinks the Pentagon is trying to kill him but as Gently points out, the Pentagon is trying to kill the people who least expect it. Another man thinks his horoscope is reliably proving 100 per cent true, every day of his life. and there's the third client, who thinks her husband is cheating on her. A random assortment? Not on your nelly.