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Kylie on who will win The Voice Australia and why it beats UK show

Kylie Minogue hasn't exactly said Australia's version of The Voice is awesome and Britain's is rubbish - she's way too dignified for that. But she might as well have: theirs sounds truly miserable.

"We were in Manchester in a nice studio, but it’s smaller and it’s darker and it’s 4pm, icy cold," Kylie said about filming for the blind auditions in the UK version.

"When we started to film the blind auditions [in Australia] it was January, so it was a beautiful day. It’s a blue sky, everyone’s happy, you’re walking around [cheerful] in your songs.

"Apart from [being great] because I'm home, here it feels much more of a commercial show, more spectacular, almost gladiatorial. It’s kind of bigger and glitzier… with a much smaller population [we] do it much bigger and I have to say the quality of the contestants is pretty extraordinary."

Kylie said there were "more tears" around the UK show, even from staff on set.

"It's on the BBC, so it’s a little more reserved ... it’s still very entertaining [but with] different coaches of course. It had a slightly different vibe, I felt like there was often more tears in the UK one.


"For example my team, it feels like we don’t see them for weeks. But at the end of the day we get the gossip and the fallout from everything we’ve filmed that day and my security guy would say, ‘Don’t do that again, I was in floods of tears’, especially in the blind audition when people don’t make it through, but I felt like there was less of that here.

"I don’t know that it’s scripted that way, it’s just the atmosphere or maybe I have a particularly sensitive security guy in England."

So who does Kylie think will win The Voice Australia in 2014? Right now, her money would be on Kat Jade, Robbie Balmer and Holly Tap.

"From my team I think Kat and Robbie are really resonating with public. Although I love all four of my team, I thought they were so strong in the most recent show, which is why it was so difficult to put someone through.

"From other teams Holly Tap is great [but] It depends each week because each week they tend to really show something different."

Whether Kylie's apparent preference for the Australian show means she will be back for another year is yet to be determined though. While you might think Kylie Minogue knows what she is doing next year, she swears hasn't made a decision either way.

"I don't know, I really don’t," she said. "It’s a big commitment to do the show and I’m loving it, but we are yet to have our first [truly] live show.

"I’m trying to plan my year next year and that is one of the things that would be in question but I honestly don’t know."


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