Laid: series return, Wednesday, May 2

ABC1, 9pm

For those who missed the first season of Marieke Hardy and Kirsty Fisher's deadpan comedy of manners, here's the story so far: Roo (Alison Bell) has been alarmed to discover that all the men she's had sex with have died or appear destined to depart this mortal coil prematurely. Now her sweet colleague Charlie (episode director Abe Forsythe) is in hospital following their intimate encounter. What's causing the calamity remains a mystery but, with the aid of her delightfully down-to-earth flatmate EJ (Celia Pacquola), Roo is trying to work it out. In the first episode of the second season, her eccentric doctor, G-Bomb (Shaun Micallef), advises her to contact a man whom he reckons might possess a life-saving power that could counter her deadly energy. Played with appreciable glee by Damon Herriman, Marcus operates from a caravan park, although he's quick to note his premises would be recognised by the cognoscenti as a ''luxury demountable''. As Roo's journey proceeds, Laid continues its sly meditation on appropriate behaviour in modern times.