Lip Service, Sunday, May 13

Showcase, 7.30pm

It's no The L Word but it's good to see Glasgow's favourite lesbians back for a second season, picking up exactly where season one left off. Frankie (Ruta Gedmintas), the most self-absorbed woman on the planet, is moping about, waiting to find out if her former lover Cat will resume their illicit affair and dump current, adoring cop-girlfriend Sam (Heather Peace). Meanwhile the infinitely more likeable Tess (Fiona Button), who fell for a sporty dyke in season one, is getting a wee bit tired of watching games from the sidelines. There's a couple of new cast members. One to watch is Lexy (Anna Skellern), an Australian doctor who ends up becoming the pointy end of an interesting love triangle in later episodes. Despite patchy acting, season two is packed with plenty of sex, drugs and drama - and at least one scene that will leave fans reeling.