Lisa Wilkinson and Clive Palmer clash over Queensland Nickel

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Clive Palmer and Lisa Wilkinson have clashed in a fiery interview as the television host verbally pummelled the federal MP and mine owner.

"Look at the way you have treated me, trying to talk over me," he said during the more than five minute exchange on the Nine Network.

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Lisa Wilkinson's curly questions for Clive

Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson confronts Clive Palmer about his parliamentary efforts and relationship with truth. Vision: Today Show, Channel Nine.

Palmer has been in the public firing line after his Queensland Nickel business went into voluntary administration leaving the jobs of more than 200 workers on the line.

While Palmer has robustly defended himself against claims he had left workers in the lurch, questions are being asked about funds directed from Queensland Nickel to his Palmer United Party and involvement in any internal corporate dealings after he resigned his directorship.

Today show host Wilkinson challenged Palmer to respond to claims his company was in financial difficulties when about $6 million was directed to PUP.

"That's absolutely not true," Palmer said.


The company was financially healthy at the signing of an audit report in September 2015, and the nickel price did not collapse until October, he added.

Palmer also strongly rejected suggestions he used an alias to "hide" his identity in emails authorising capital expenditure.

"Everyone I have sent an email to knows it comes from me, who I am. As I travel around Australia I use many emails," he said.

The interview continued on the issue of donations made to PUP, with Palmer and Wilkinson repeatedly talking over each other.

Then Wilkinson challenged Palmer - "a rich man" - to dip into his own pocket and pay out the entitlements of Queensland Nickel workers losing their jobs.

"The administrator made the decision he wasn't going to pay the entitlements, not me, not anybody else," he said.

"I've been criticised in the press, it's a fabrication by the Murdoch press and media. It's untrue."

The exchange continued:

Wilkinson: "Please Clive, I don't work for Rupert Murdoch."

Palmer: "Let me answer you your question, you will get a bonus from Rupert and the people who employ you."

Wilkinson: "I don't work for Rupert Murdoch."

Wilkinson said: "Australia thinks you're a joke at the moment".

"I don't think they do," Palmer said, before confirming he plans to recontest his Queensland seat of Fairfax at the federal election.

The pair then closed off the interview with Palmer offering an "all the best, bye".