Making Tracks: Beirut, Lebanon, Friday, May 18

Nat Geo Adventure, 10pm

This week the excitable Nick Dwyer heads to Beirut, the ''Paris of the Middle East'', to share his passion for New Zealand music. The song he's hoping a local muso will infuse with their own particular style is a 2009 hip-hop hit called Brother by Auckland's Smashproof featuring Gin Wigmore. It's a song about the 2008 killing of Pihema Cameron, a young man who was caught tagging a fence. Businessman Bruce William Emery was convicted of fatally stabbing the boy in the southern Auckland suburb of Manurewa. The Beirut performer selected to cover the song is Zeid Hamdan, a musician whose music has been shaped by conflict, politics and the reality of life in a country trapped in a cycle of violence. Hamdan, however, points out that his city's inhabitants remain optimistic and even as bombs fell on Beirut in 2006, people still gathered in clubs to ''party, party, party''.