Margie wins big after taking out The Biggest Loser

Margie Cummins has slimmed down and is no longer struggling financially or looking for love after winning The Biggest Loser: Singles.

Cummins took home $220,000 last night for shedding the highest percentage of body weight, 46 per cent, on the Network Ten reality show.

Overall, Cummins lost more than 73kg to drop from 159.1kg to 85.9kg during the course of the series, defeating Alex Zorzi who shed 72.2kg to weigh in at 89.4kg for the final episode.

Adding to the excitement of her win, Cummins, who is openly gay, has now started dating.

"It was through mutual friends here in Brisbane who have been harping on to me about her for a long time," Cummins said.

"But when I was so fat the last thing I wanted to do was be with someone.


"I suppose when I came home and went out a couple of times with them (my friends), that's how we met up again."

Cummins, who is the third consecutive female winner of The Biggest Loser, will use her windfall to take a holiday, pay bills and part of her mortgage while keeping enough aside to buy time for her next move.

Before entering the weight-loss show, Cummins sold off her pizza restaurant, leaving her unemployed.

One avenue open to her is being a motivational speaker for other people wanting to lose weight, while the least likely path is reopening a fast-food outlet.

She said the thought of being a role model was the furthest from her mind until she left the Biggest Loser compound and returned to Brisbane before the final.

"Since I have been out of the house and especially leading up to the finale, the amount of people who have stopped me in the street and have gotten all emotional and started telling me how inspirational I am, I didn't realise that I had people watching," Cummins said.

"I never thought about that. For me it was getting through every week in one way, shape or form.

"If I can help anyone, even if it's only one person, then that would be fantastic."

Cummins said when she entered the show she was a size 26 and has dropped down to "about a 12 to 14".

"Quite often I used to dress in things that made me look like a very colourful tent, but that's a thing of the past as I can go into any shop now and I know something will fit," she said.



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