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Michael LaHoud gets second shot on SBS with Taking On The Chocolate Frog documentary

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Michael LaHoud, the heavily-tattooed wannabe gangster who hoodwinked the makers of an SBS documentary with a fabricated criminal history, appears to have struck again.

LaHoud, who sports multiple tattoos across his face, left the makers of Once Upon a Time In Punchbowl red-faced when it emerged his florid criminal past was largely invented.

The makers of the Punchbowl series were forced to extensively re-work the program, cutting LaHoud out entirely.

But now he is to feature in another documentary, Taking On The Chocolate Frog, which follows the progress of a group of former criminals who learn to become actors.

In the Punchbowl series, LaHoud claimed to have served a jail term of almost five years for armed robbery during which he fathered three daughters in "conjugal visits".

But court records showed LaHoud was in custody for just four days, while police said they had never heard of him. In addition, Corrective Services NSW does not allow conjugal visits.


In Taking On The Chocolate Frog, his past is only briefly alluded to, however it appears that off-camera he spun his now familiar lines to the producers and to Grant Thompson, the drama coach around whom the action revolves.

"Mick totally took me by surprise," says Thompson. “In class I don’t focus on their past. Whatever they have done, they have done their time. I didn’t pick it about Mick. He bullshitted.

"No one has ever come to my class before and said, 'Hey, I’ve done more'."

Thompson praised LaHoud for his work ethic but added that he has "a lot of learning to do". The pair last spoke a couple of months ago.

"We had a good chat and I said how could he possibly think this was not going to come out when he did the Punchbowl thing?" says Thompson. "He made me and my class feel stupid and I will only take him back in the class, maybe, if he goes and works his arse off.

"He’s just so keen to get into this industry – what else are you going to do. You can’t go and work for the Commonwealth Bank with a head like that!"

Michael Morcos, a spokesman for series producer Studio, confirmed that LaHoud had been found out late last year.

"In December 2013, information came to light regarding facts presented by Michael LaHoud, who is a participant in Studio’s new series Taking On The Chocolate Frog.

"All information presented in the final episodes has been verified as accurate. The end product is a compelling reality series about ex-criminals trying to tackle the art of acting."

Taking on the Chocolate Frog has been produced for Foxtel's Studio channel, which is owned and operated by SBS.

Taking On The Chocolate Frog premieres on June 2 at 9.30pm.