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NFL 2016 Super Bowl 50: Chris Martin is the new 'left shark'

They were supposed to be the headline act, but by the end of the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, Chris Martin and Coldplay were the laughing stock of the internet.

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Super Bowl: Beyonce steals half-time show

Beyonce and Bruno Mars face off for the Super Bowl half-time show.

The world's biggest and most-maligned band never stood a chance alongside "supporting acts" Beyonce and Bruno Mars.

It was Beyonce's show, the internet decided, and boy, were they scathing.

With his multicoloured elastic bracelets, Martin looked like an awkward late addition to Beyonce's fiery routine and Mars' funky vinyl-clad troupe.


"Chris Martin kind of looks like the guy who sings with the band at his own wedding," Modern Family's executive producer Danny Zuker quipped.

"The Make-a-Wish Foundation outdid themselves with Chris Martin. He'll never forget that," tweeted another person.

Martin's awkward crouching next to a pint-sized Mars was also noted by the hundreds of millions of viewers watching the NFL championship game.

We've seen this all before, of course.

During Katy Perry's set at last year's Super Bowl, one of her shark backup dancers put in such a poor performance he became known simply as "left shark".

As Coldplay performed their biggest hits, including Yellow and the uplifting Viva La Vida, a bizarre montage of past halftime performances by the likes of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston flashed on screen.

The grand finale? A giant message in the stands which reminded us to "Believe In Love".

The set had barely finished before dozens of memes hit the internet, calling Martin "this year's left shark".

The Super Bowl 50 was always going to be Beyonce's show. Her performance during the game in 2013 was hailed as one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows of all time.

Destiny's Child band members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams who reunited with Beyonce for the show were similarly upstaged by the 34-year-old.

"'Poor Chris' is the new 'Poor Michelle'," someone joked in reference to incident.

Pitch Perfect actress Anna Kendrick also used the opportunity to pile it on the Coldplay frontman, tweeting: "Even Chris Martin is like, what am I doing here?"

In an interview with CBS before the show, Martin said his daughter Apple tried to comfort him with the following sage advice:

"Dad, the worst that could happen is that you'll get turned into a meme, and after a month or so people will just forget!"' he said.

Sorry Apple, but tell that to left shark.