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Nine's Voice drowns out rivals as viewers remain hooked

The third episode of The Voice continued to deliver extraordinary ratings for Channel Nine with 2.37 million viewers watching last night.

But in a significant twist, Seven's Australia's Got Talent was slammed below the 1 million viewer threshold, knocked back to just 980,000 viewers.

The 1 million viewer threshold is generally used by commercial networks to determine whether a show is a hit or not.

The Voice is clearly an unqualified hit, launching to 2.1 million people on Sunday night, building to 2.54 million people on Monday night and holding 2.37 million last night.

For Seven, however, the collateral damage is serious. Australia's Got Talent is not just any program in its schedule, it is one of the network's ratings juggernauts.

Last year the show launched to 1.56 million viewers, and spent most of its series run hugging the 2 million viewer mark. It also rode a publicity wave thanks to the competition's eventual winner, 14-year-old singer Jack Vidgen.

This year, Australia's Got Talent has landed with a spectacular thud, largely because of damage caused by The Voice.

The success of The Voice has also put Nine on track to win the week overall, its first in-survey win since September, 2010. Although it is just one week, the damage to Seven, in PR terms, is enormous.

Nine approached the post-Easter ratings season with an "all its eggs in one basket" strategy, launching The Voice, The Block and Celebrity Apprentice in the same week.

Seven countered by launching Dancing with the Stars and Australia's Got Talent against The Voice.

So far, that strategy has failed. Dancing with the Stars barely cracked a million viewers on Sunday and Australia's Got Talent is now having the same problem. Both shows will have a tough time rebuilding lost audiences in the coming weeks.

Nine's success with The Voice has also had a flow-on effect, delivering the network four of the top five programs last night: The Voice, Big Bang Theory (1.5 million), The Block (1.3 million) and Nine News (1.1 million).

Seven's highest rating show was its news, with 1.3 million. Packed to the Rafters, which once commanded audiences of close to 2 million viewers, was watched by 1.1 million people last night.