Offspring, Wednesday, May 30

Channel Ten, 8.30pm

In the wake of her break-up with Patrick (Matthew Le Nevez), Nina (Asher Keddie) tells herself she's coping pretty well. She's assembled a storage system - although, as yet, she has little stuff requiring storage - started cooking with the super grain quinoa, opened a Twitter account - although she's yet to tweet - and initiated a new exercise regime. The nurses at the hospital have invented a nifty word for her current state of being: ''perchunked''. In a quiet moment, Patrick describes her as ''aggressively cheerful''. Written by Michael Lucas and directed by Elissa Down, this episode of the often-inventive family comedy-drama pivots on loss and loving support. With Billie (Kat Stewart) still away, her husband Mick (Eddie Perfect) must cope with a couple of milestones alone and the beautifully written scene in which he farewells his brother is a standout.