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Randling: series premiere, Wednesday, May 2

ABC1, 8.30pm

After a three-year absence, Andrew Denton returns to an on-camera role as the host of this playful ''game show about words''. Taking its title from an obscure Irish expression that has something to do with boys, poems and farting, Randling's fun with language and knowledge recalls BBC Radio wordplay programs and Stephen Fry's QI. This is the place to ponder the meaning of ''drachenfutter'' and to try to guess the titles of Colombian soap operas. Ideally, nuggets of arcane information will be batted around the studio by a host and contestants with the ability to think fast and be funny. Ten teams will compete for the inaugural premiership and the opener features Merrick Watts and Annabel Crabb as the West Coast Odd Sox against Julia Zemiro and Michael Williams as the Southern Furies. These shows take time to find their groove as the participants get accustomed to each other and to the game. In the opener, Williams gets into the swing of things quickly and Watts warms up nicely.