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My Kitchen Rules 2017: Pete Evans shows signs of disliking 'Seafood King' Josh

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The host judges on My Kitchen Rules have perfected the poker face, but Pete Evans gave a fairly clear indication about how he feels about self-proclaimed 'Seafood King' Josh on Sunday night.

"I have a bit of a bone to pick with Josh" is how Tully kicks off the episode as we discover the Broome barnacle has left numerous bones in his salmon dish.

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Judges baffled by 'Seafood King' Josh

MKR judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel question Josh's technique with the salmon. Vision: Channel Seven.

And it seems Pete is with bizarro Asher Keddie given Josh has rudely talked back to him during the jaw-dropping Courtney stoush at MKR HQ. But more on that later.

Josh and Amy are up against the well-loved cockatoo sisters Kelsey and Amanda, who despite all their screeching make pleasant dinner company and are very fine cooks.

"I think Kelsey and Amanda are definitely better cooks, they understand flavour combinations more and it would be good to see Kelsey and Amanda take it out today," says Della-Lama.

"Everyone knows I have a soft spot for Josh, so if he goes I'll be devastated," Keddie deadpans.


But if you think vomitus fish, burnt prawns and lacklustre feedback on everything he has served has done anything to humble the mop-head from Broome, you'd be wrong.

"I have made promise after promise about cooking beautiful fish but every time I seem to work with fish in the competition I seem to have mucked that up and I will not do that today." Is that another promise Josh?

"This is my last chance to show the judges that I know what to do when it comes to seafood. If I don't cook this salmon perfectly, I may as well start swimming back to Broome."

Although he has acquiesced to his wife taking charge during Sudden Deaths, his "strutting round" the kitchen, being 'bossy" and "lazy" leaves Amy stressed and almost ruins their dishes.

"Usually I love being in charge and taking control of the situation but it hasn't always worked for us, so we're going to be more of a team unit but mostly Amy will be calling the shots."

This is quickly followed by an argument between he and wife Amy over the removal of the fish's pin bones, to which Josh's repeated answer is that there will be bones "because it's a cutlet".

"So salmon cutlet is where you've got marrow in the middle, the spine, and then you've got all the little pin bones and the belly flaps that come around the other side so it's almost like a steak of a fish."

Pete and Manu are devastated Josh has removed the belly flaps, "the best part of the salmon", which disproves Josh's confident claim that "he knows what to do with seafood".

Yet when it came to judgement time, Josh has pulled off perfectly cooked soft shell crab, as well as his main of salmon. Damn.

Whereas Kelsey and Amanda are unhappy from the get-go with their dishes, with Kelsey having a complete brain fade at one point by putting flat-leaf parsley as a garnish to a Thai-curry dish.

"The pressure of Sudden Death is definitely showing on their plates because this is not a great curry," says a disappointed Pete.

"We really, really want to stay in this competition I just hope our dessert is enough to save us," says a teary Kelsey.

And they do end on a "scrumdilliumptious" high note, with perfect churros, but it isn't enough after an over-crumbed calamari entree and under-flavoured red prawn curry. Unfortunately.

"I don't think I saw Kelsey and Amanda in that Sudden Death kitchen tonight. No fun, no joy. Just stress, stress, stress," wails Manu. To agreement from the girls that "it was terrible", with an overall score of 26 out of 60.

And while Josh and Amy managed some hits, they were still delivered low scores for their "more misses". But it wasn't low enough at 28/60.

"Each dish got better than the next but your dishes need to get better," summed up unimpressed guest host/judge Colin Fassnidge.

And the look on Pete's face said it all when he delivered the verdict that Kelsey and Amanda were eliminated.

"You can't make us go away Pete," gloats Josh. Who thinks he's on to a winning formula by scraping through Sudden Deaths until the grand final.

Everyone looks deflated, including Pete.

"You brought a lot of joy, a lot of beautiful energy to the competition, so thank you ladies."