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Republic of Doyle, Friday, June 1

13th Street, 7.30pm

Russell Crowe, of all people, turns up in tonight's episode of this unexceptional Canadian crime comedy-drama. In real life Crowe is pals with series co-creator Allan Hawco, who stars as cheeky maverick private eye Jake Doyle. As the script would have it, though, Doyle is currently a cop, having in some previous turn of events been drafted by the police department in St Johns, Newfoundland. Tonight he is assigned to babysit an organised-crime supergrass who is carrying all the evidence required to put the baddies away in a suitcase handcuffed to his wrist. Doyle soon finds himself running foul of a menacing mob played by Crowe and a bunch of blokes who were the Merry Men to his Robin in the 2010 flick Robin Hood - Scott Grimes, Alan Doyle and Kevin Durand. LA Confidential it ain't, but the script is occasionally amusing and Crowe is fun to watch.