Sandra Sully, Lee Lin Chin, Natalie Barr send up Real Housewives for SBS

"I party hard but read the news even harder," says Sandra Sully, the pillar of Ten's Eyewitness News.

Who knew?

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Newsreaders in Real Housewives spoof

Sandra Sully, Natalie Barr and Lee Lin Chin team up with SBS2 program The Feed to poke fun at themselves in a send-up of reality franchise Real Housewives.

The perfectly coiffed anchor hasn't gone off the rails, however - she joins Seven's Natalie Barr and SBS's Lee Lin Chin as part of a Real Housewives spoof made by SBS2's The Feed

The 45-second clip was posted to Twitter Friday morning by SBS business journo Ricardo Goncalves - but with no explanation as yet as to why the three respected figures of news would be mocking themselves so mercilessly.

All good fun: The group embrace.
All good fun: The group embrace.  

In a mock argument, of the ilk which is rife through the Real Housewives' relentless coverage, Sully tells Lee Lin Chin that she's not capable of prime-time, but which Lee Lin Chin yells "Oh you monster" before chucking a bottle at the window. 

Sunrise's Barr, in probably the most self-deprecating turn, says "I'm here for a good time, not a long time".


Chin mocks her calibre, saying: "You just go and host Carols in the Domain". Barr answers back in a mock upset tone: "You know they didn't renew my contract."

In the video, Lee Lin Chin, who appears with the tag "A complete lunatic", chides her two competitors for never throwing "boiling hot coffee" on an intern. 

Be afraid: The Real Newsreaders, from left, Sandra Sully, Lee Lin Chin and Natalie Barr.
Be afraid: The Real Newsreaders, from left, Sandra Sully, Lee Lin Chin and Natalie Barr.  

Chin fully embraces her role as a psychopath, stating for no apparent reason: "I know I've never killed a man before, but I know I'm capable." 

The clip will be on The Feed on SBS2 Monday at 7.30pm.