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SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin reads out mean tweets - that she sent

The serious but fashionable SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin let her hair down last year on Twitter causing BuzzFeed Australia to name 2014 the year of "The Chin".

Ms Chin has taken some time out from her news reading duties to dabble in comedy routines on SBS's The Feed including "Pranked with Lee Lin Chin" and "Celebrity Chin Wag" but has taken her comedy to a different level with Tuesday's "Lee Lin Chin's mean tweets".

Celebrities have taken to jumping on the "mean tweets" bandwagon, reading out mean tweets directed at them. The trend started three years ago following a segment on US television show Jimmy Kimmel Live

But in the two-and-a-half minute video, Ms Chin instead chose to read out mean tweets she had sent to celebrities, other journalists and businesses and there was no holding back.

Ms Chin told ABC Q&A's Tony Jones to form an opinion, for a change.

"How about instead of asking questions you form your own opinion, you fence sitting nimrod," she said.


To the exiting alleged producer-bashing Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, she said: "We all know the only reason you are racist is because I rejected your advances."

She had a good go at fashion designing duo Dolce & Gabbana when she told them "the only people who wear your so-called designs are people who just won the lottery and don't know any better".

She also took a swipe at her fellow SBS presenters.

"I know you want my job but the only way you will get it is if I die. That is not going to happen because I am immortal," she said in a tweet to SBS business newsreader, Ricardo Goncalves.

"What is it like needing a co-host to hold your hand? Reading the news isn't that hard, are you dyslexic?" she asked another SBS newsreader, Anton Enus. 

She didn't stop there and had a crack at The Feed's host, Marc Fennell.

"F--- you," she tweeted Fennell.

Those who were not familiar with Ms Chin's in-your-face funny-but-true daredevil tweet stunts, the following are a sample.

NSW Premier Mike Baird could take a leaf out of Ms Chin's book after his attempt to read mean tweets about himself bombed when he landed in copyright hot water with music label Warner Chappel which requested Youtube take down his video for featuring REM's Everybody Hurts