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Shock jock suffers stroke

Talk back king Howard Sattler has suffered a stroke and will turn off his microphone for two weeks to focus on his recovery.

The 67-year-old shock jock sought medical advice after listeners commented on his croaky voice and slurred speech and his golfing buddies commented when he began walking with a noticeable limp.

This morning he told WAtoday.com.au that an MRI scan a few weeks ago showed that he had a clot on the brain and had suffered a stroke.

“I saw an ear, nose and throat specialist who found a benign nodule on my throat affecting my voice, but when it gets late in the afternoon and I get tired, starts to get very slurry which isn’t good for radio,” he said.

“People were asking ‘is his drinking?’ and ‘Is there something wrong with him?’

“I reckon I’ve dodged a bullet, some people drop dead or are severely paralysed. This is just a wake-up call.”


The radio veteran, who began his career as a newspaper journalist, said he went to the doctor as he was embarrassed by the way he was sounding on air.

“It’s unprofessional, it doesn’t sound too good to be on air and slurring your words.

“It’s a frustration thing, it’s like you haven’t got the power in your voice or the brain and the mouth aren’t connecting as well as I’d want.”

He is now seeing a speech pathologist daily.

While he waits for an appointment with a neurologist on May 30, Sattler will take a two week break where he will rest and recover at a private villa in Bali.

“At 4.30 tomorrow that bird will be out with me on board to Bali. I’ll be in the pool the majority of the time working on rebuilding my strength with deep water exercises.”

6PR news director Rod Tiley and Harvey Deegan will host the drive program while Sattler takes therapeutic leave.

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