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Sons of Anarchy, Wednesday, June 6

Channel One, 9.30pm

IN CASE you'd forgotten that the bulk of the action in this series takes place in Ireland, the SoA theme tune has a special fiddle-tinged remix. But the finding-baby-Abel story arc is a slow build, and we don't see much Belfast action this week. When Clay makes a deal with the Triads to swap guns for info on the Mayans that SAMCRO can't finance, he sets up a party for the Triads with the girls from the porn studio, much to Opie's dismay when he sees Lyla ''doing her bit''.

The real highlight, though, is tonight's Old Lady storyline: Gemma, looking after her ailing father, has tied up his care giver, Amelia, in the basement (it doesn't matter why) and when Tara takes pity on Amelia, she pays for it. But Gemma's thoughtful mentoring has paid off and Tara proves she's surely only one series away from a ''Property of Jax'' tattoo. Watch for a cameo by Stephen King as a creepy ''cleaner'' (a nod to Harvey Keitel's Pulp Fiction role?).