Maurice Moss in the IT Crowd.

Maurice Moss in The IT Crowd.

Don't tell anyone, but I've previously only seen about 20 minutes of The IT Crowd (ABC1, 9.03pm), the British sitcom that built a dedicated fan base mainly comprised of people who as they read this are sorrowfully shaking their head and querying my competence.

This one-off episode, arriving three years after the fourth season concluded, is a goodbye for the faithful but a belated welcome for newcomers who may have wasted far too much of their television time watching that US drama about the grim anti-hero who must do terrible things in order to make other terrible things right but only caused more terrible things.

''It's slow and terrible … none of you are good in front of the camera.'' That's Jen (Katherine Parkinson) talking to her nerdy colleague Moss (Richard Ayoade) about the new episode of his online series Game Board, which is a review of, well, board games. The show itself, completed by the strife-prone Irishman Roy (Chris O'Dowd), is pretty much the opposite: it is fast and funny, and the comedic performances are assured.

The show's creator, Graham Linehan, has previously contributed to Father Ted and Black Books, and in his work there is a strong feel for the British sitcom lineage, whether it is Dad's Army or Are You Being Served?

Like all workplace sitcoms, these basement dwellers exiled to IT get into embarrassing scrapes and get out of them in ways they didn't plan; although not every workplace has a Goth (Noel Fielding) lurking in the server room.

Coffee and the internet drive the plot (and the world), with a viral video accidentally turning Jen (''Coffee Tramp Toss Bitch'') and Roy (''Small Person Racist'') into Britain's most hated. To be fair, Roy probably deserves some of his shaming. He can't even support his girlfriend following her grandfather's passing. ''It wasn't a successful funeral for me,'' he reports.

Thankfully Moss gets the secret of success from their bonkers boss, and while I won't say what it is, it does lead to some of the finest slacks prancing since Saturday Night Fever and the announcement that ''I need a trousers break''. Normally you only hear that around The Footy Show.

The locals in Maine are excited on North Woods Law (7Mate, 7.30pm), as the moose lottery has been drawn. For game warden Kris MacCabe it means a dawn start and the donning of a flak jacket. ''We have some of the largest mammals in the country,'' he explains, which apparently includes moose, black bears, and heavily armed hunters.

This is another reality show about policing American eccentrics, but the firearm saturation is alarming. Officer MacCabe's plan to catch poachers appears foolhardy to say the least, as his highly authentic moose call might just prompt the trigger happy. This is a show you may only need to see 20 minutes of.