Watching TV is our greatest home leisure activity.

Watching TV is our greatest home leisure activity. Photo: George Lipman

W hen the Australian Bureau of Statistics repeatedly confirms that watching TV is our greatest home leisure activity, few raise an eyebrow.

Relaxing in front of the television after a day at work, switching the brain off with some light entertainment to avoid the harsh truths of the world or doing the opposite - using the small screen to bring the world into our homes - is such a commonplace activity for most, it's only when someone says they don't watch TV that anyone is surprised.

And right now, there is more reason than ever to enjoy the experience.


Big-name Hollywood directors, writers and stars are being drawn to what was once the poor relative of the entertainment industry, attracted by the steadiness of work, the range of story-telling a long format allows and the fact broadcasters are finally allowing them to be braver with subject matter than ever before.

Similarly, sports coverage has moved to a new level, with camera angles, commentary and statistics on TV that nobody - not even the fans at the event - can beat.

And reality TV, often looked down upon, creates communities of fans uniting to a cause, even if that's just chasing the perfect macaroon.

We asked our experts, the reviewers who watch it all, what was making them pick up the remote control right now.

For some, it comes down to a single character or a single show. For others it's an entire genre or the simple fact that they can now tune out ads.

Nobody, however, had any trouble finding something they loved.

Take a look at our reasons for sticking with TV, even when the programmers jump our favourite shows from spot to spot, then head online to and let us know what your favourite shows, personalities and moments are.

And why your spot in front of the TV is your favourite place to be.