The $16m pooch: Pudsey set for world fame after winning TV talent show

He's rumoured to be worth £10 million ($16.07 million), insured for £1 million, with a book deal in the works and an offer to be the face of an advertising campaign.

He is a dog named Pudsey.

Pudsey the dog smells Hollywood fame

Britain's most talented dog, Pudsey is barking all the way to the bank and Hollywood where doggie paw-formances are serious business.

The six-year-old, whose ancestry includes border collie, Chinese crested powderpuff and bichon frise, and his owner, 17-year-old Ashleigh Butler won Britain's Got Talent on Saturday night, taking home £500,000.

The pair performed an original routine on the reality show's finale, with Pudsey walking on his hind legs, rolling on command, twirling and leaping in the air to the Mission Impossible theme song.

Pudsey wowed the <i>Britain's Got Talent</i> judges.
Pudsey wowed the Britain's Got Talent judges. 

The Daily Mail reported Pudsey had become something of a diva since his big win, expecting trips on private jets, being escorted by bodyguards and having a trademarked name.

They also estimated Pudsey's show business career could earn him millions.

But Ms Butler hosed down some of the more outrageous claims about the canine's celebrity status during an interview on British breakfast show Daybreak.

On Pudsey having three security guards: "That is not true."

Pudsey ... ready for the big time.
Pudsey ... ready for the big time. Photo: AP

On his name being trademarked by Simon Cowell's production company: "No".

On a book deal: "Maybe".

Simon Cowell ... has big plans for Pudsey.
Simon Cowell ... has big plans for Pudsey. Photo: Getty Images

On being the face of a dog food commercial: "Nothing's been confirmed yet".

On getting security in her backyard: "I haven't been home yet, so not at the moment".

Pudsey's rise to fame and fortune is more dramatic than that of Koko, the laid back red cloud kelpie who starred in the Australian film Red Dog

Pudsey's rise to fame and fortune is more dramatic than that of Koko, the laid back red cloud kelpie who starred in the Australian film Red Dog.

The movie became the country's 8th most successful film ever, taking in more than $21 million at the box office and is now the biggest selling Australian DVD of all time.

Koko ... Australia's most famous dog.
Koko ... Australia's most famous dog. 

Koko won the award for best dog in a foreign film at the Golden Collar Awards, which recognise the work of animals and trainers in film and television, but did not trot the red carpet in Los Angeles.

That's because Koko has retired from showbiz, living the dog's life in Perth with the film's producer Nelson Woss.

Uggie ... star of <i>The Artist</i>.
Uggie ... star of The ArtistPhoto: Getty Images

A profile in The Guardian said the only sign of Koko's fame was a specially built ramp to help him get out of Woss's large four-wheel drive.

"He looks perfectly relaxed when he is recognised in the street and yet, like the biggest Hollywood stars, there is a sheen of distance about him – he is perfectly polite, but floats above the fawning of those around him," the profile said.

"Like a middle-aged heartthrob, Koko has a graceful grey grizzle around the mouth now, and Woss says his leading man will not take on any more films.

"'He quite likes his retirement,' says Woss. 'When he does promotional events, people want him to do tricks and that so isn't cool'."

Pudsey has had far more luck than Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier who starred alongside Jean Dujardin in the Oscar-winning film The Artist.

Uggie, who won the top dog honour at the Golden Collars and reportedly wore £120,000 worth of diamonds to a pre-Oscars party, has been forced into retirement by a "mysterious shaking syndrome", The Daily Mail reported.

"It's very sad but he is suffering from a mystery shaking syndrome. It is a neurological disorder and we've spent thousands on vets' bills trying to figure out what is causing it but the experts don't really know," trainer Omar Von Muller said.

"He started shaking shortly before The Artist began filming in November 2010. It comes and goes and, ironically, it is worse when he's relaxed.

"When we were filming you could hardly notice it."