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The Family UK, Thursday, April 19

SBS One, 9.30pm

Anyone who suffered through the singularly dull trials of the Cardamone family in the Australian series of The Family will recognise the identikit format, except that the Grewals, a family of Indian expats living under the Heathrow flight path in London, are actually more interesting than watching paint dry. You know the deal: three generations of the family lived with fixed cameras recording their every move over several months. It sounds creepy but is at least partially explained by the Grewals' fondness of overacting and links to Bollywood, courtesy of dad Arvinder, a bus driver-slash-extra, and son-in-law Jeet, who left behind his matinee idol moustache when he moved to Britain. The focus this week is Jeet and pregnant wife Kaki, who is madly in love with her husband (from an arranged marriage, no less) but not so enamoured with his drinking. Enthralling.