The good, the bad and the teary, as Offspring buries Patrick

Patrick is laid to rest. Nina, and a nation, wept. And in television ratings terms, everyone wins.

From television's tissue-soaked river of tears comes a very commercial happy ending.

Offspring finale ... Nina (Asher Keddie) at Patrick's funeral.
Offspring finale ... Nina (Asher Keddie) at Patrick's funeral. 

The final episode of Ten's drama Offspring last night booked a capital city audience of 1.1 million viewers. That will lift further once regional ratings are added.

Those numbers are worth their weight in gold at Ten.

Patrick farewelled .... funeral on <i>Offspring</i>.
Patrick farewelled .... funeral on Offspring

After a tough year overall, it confirms Ten is headed in the right direction broadly, and confirms what we already know: Ten's drama portfolio is its strongest and most consistent suite of programs.

Everyone seemed to get a little bit of good news last night.

The ABC's Gruen Nation returned with 1.02 million viewers, confirming Gruen as one of the ABC's strongest program assets.

The Chaser's election-themed series, The Hamster Decides, performed a little more softly than Gruen, drawing 867,000 viewers in the mainland capitals. But that's a solid result nonetheless.

Even Ten's MasterChef, which has fought schedule congestion and audience fatigue through one its toughest years on TV, managed to draw 923,000, a lift from its series average so far.

Not so good was a softening for Seven's SlideShow, down to 1.03 million from last week's launch of 1.3 million.

Longtime rivals Seven and Nine both launched rival 7pm news services on their secondary digital channels this week.

By last night, Seven News on 7Two, with host Melissa Doyle, looks to have settled as the clear winner with 127,000 viewers, ahead of Nine News on Gem, with host Peter Overton, with 72,000 viewers.

Seven's 7Two news at 7pm was the 104th most watched program. Nine's Gem news at 7pm was 174th. While the win was Seven's, neither will set the ratings world on fire with numbers like that.

Sunrise refugee Melissa Doyle, who insisted she get a main channel gig as well as the 7Two gig, will no doubt be relieved she put her foot down.