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We'll Take Manhattan, Sunday, June 10

UKTV, 8.35pm

A WATCHABLE if unexceptional telemovie about the famous trip that cocky young cockney photographer David Bailey and soon-to-be supermodel Jean Shrimpton took to New York in 1962. Their photographs, published in British Vogue, turned the fashion world on its ear and continue to inspire photographers and models to this day. Shrimpton (played by Doctor Who's Karen Gillan) is portrayed as a somewhat diffident naif who nonetheless has plenty of spirit and spine. Bailey (Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard) is a much less likeable figure. He's insufferably arrogant and even hateful when delivering cruel, class resentment-fuelled tirades at their editorial supervisor, Lady Clare Rendlesham (Helen McCrory). Indeed, Bailey is so unpleasant that most viewers will likely side with Lady Clare, even though she's presumably intended to be the wicked stepmother of the piece. In any case, it's a must-see for aspiring Australia's Next Top Model contestants - at least it'll give you a couple of names to blurt out when Charlotte Dawson and friends ask who your fashion inspirations are.