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Free-to-air TV: Friday, November 23

The Living Room, Channel Ten, 7.30pm

THE Living Room could have been one of those sanitised food-travel-lifestyle shows but with the first season drawing to a close, the program has proved anything but bland. That's partially due to the snappy pace, but mostly thanks to the spirited presenters and a few brave editing decisions. Tonight, lively cook Miguel Maestre creates some wild-looking bruschetta with South Australian olive oil, while vet-cum-travel reporter Chris Brown visits Espiritu Santo, the largest island in Vanuatu. His aim is to escape the resort lifestyle and discover the joys of diving into crystal-clear spring water and indulging in a cup of kava or two. ''No resorts means no swimming pools, no cocktails, no massages and no all-you-can-eat buffets,'' he says, stumbling through jungle. There are a few eye-popping moments - including one, ahem, encounter with a dog's rear end - but some viewers may be left wishing the camera lingered a little longer during those shirtless swimming scenes.

Moone Boy, ABC1, 8pm

FOR a poor, put-down schoolboy growing up in 1980s Ireland, Martin Moone is an upbeat lad. Played by a ruddy-faced David Rawle, he seems impervious to the miseries of bad fashion, terrible weather and chaotic family life, even when caked in pastel make-up. When things get tough, he sets to work - in this case, by following the lead of those tearing down the Berlin Wall and dismantling an obstacle to his own happiness. Joining him on many of these imprudent escapades is Moone's sharp-tongued imaginary friend Sean Murphy, played by the show's creator, Chris O'Dowd (IT Crowd and Bridesmaids). Described as a semi-autobiographical account of O'Dowd's childhood, the family sitcom is an absurd yet affectionate look back at an otherwise pretty dour upbringing. The gags and acting can be obvious, but the fun, quirky moments outweigh the occasional cheesiness.

Neighbours, Channel Eleven, 6.30pm

THERE'S always some suspicious interloper to make life interesting for the good folks of Erinsborough, and tonight is no exception. Having recently separated from her husband, and with an eye on the former partner of her sister, Carmel (Kirsty Child) has decided to stick around Ramsay Street a little longer than expected and start prospecting for love. Teenager Rani (Coco-Jacinta Cherian) is on the verge of exposing her mother's cheating ways, while Toadie (Ryan Moloney) fends off a mate's attempt to cause as much Irish mischief as possible before marriage and fatherhood kicks in. It's hardly ground-breaking television, but why should it be?

JFK - A Homecoming, SBS One, 9.35pm

INTELLECTUALLY gifted, handsome and wealthy, John F. Kennedy captivated the world when he ascended to the US presidency in 1961. When only two years into the job he had already faced the Cuban missile crisis, Kennedy decided to return to his ancestors' Ireland.