Melinda Houston's TV picks for Monday August 4

We're guessing bagpipes: the Commonwealth Games.
We're guessing bagpipes: the Commonwealth Games. Photo: James Brickwood


New series 3/5

Watch the skies: Commonwealth Games.
Watch the skies: Commonwealth Games.  Photo: Ryan Pierse

8.30pm, Eleven

Charmed meets American Horror Story in this teen-friendly tale of two generations of women forced to confront their witchiness. At the moment it’s a little hard to say which direction this will take, because at least two are established in this opening ep. Troubled twentysomething romance involving hot guys removing their shirts? Or women learning to recognise and harness their own power in the face of social opprobrium? If they get the balance right, Witches of East End could be a lot of fun.

Shout out: The X Factor.
Shout out: The X Factor. 




7.30pm, Seven

There’s a lot of shouting on The X Factor this year. Not shouting-shouting. Singing-shouting. And while there is truth to the old Australian Idol maxim that “big notes win votes”, hopefully at some stage the various judges, mentors and coaches will get at least some of these folk to tone it down a bit. That said, there are certainly some extraordinary voices on display again this year – and quite the roll call of big names. This week’s home visits included Jennifer Lopez and James Blunt. Tonight, the Top 12 is revealed.

Teen-friendly: Witches of East End.
Teen-friendly: Witches of East End. 



5.30am, Ten

The last tear has been shed, the last tantie thrown, the last medal slung around the last athletic neck. Now it’s time for the final party to begin. At the time of writing, details were tightly under wraps except the fact that it’ll be held at Hampden Park, which staged this year’s athletics. We’re guessing music, song, dance, and hopefully a little bit of mayhem. And bagpipes.