Melinda Houston's TV picks for Monday Sept 1



7.30pm, SBS One

I wonder just how embarrassing it will look 20 years from now when we, or the current President of the United States, or perhaps even the mythbusters themselves look back on the well-meaning but awfully cheesy bookends to this special. POTUS himself invites the lads to the Big House to revisit one of their more famous myths, taking the opportunity to (a) explain that he and the girls are big fans and (b) making maths and science fun is providing a great service to the nation. Then Adam and Jamie are off to serve their leader, while their sidekicks investigate whether a supernatural being can really flip a moving car using a punch to the bonnet.


New series ***


8.30am, ABC4* (*Correction: Not ABC3)

The moral is laid on with a trowel and the whole set-up feels a bit too twee but there are certainly things to like about this new British youngster's program. There's loads of slapstick, which is always guaranteed to go down a treat. And the central motif is rather fun: to assist Tom in activating his "tree fu" magic. Children at home have to join him in the moves, a set of actions that look like a mash-up of tai chi and breakdancing.



8.40pm, Seven

Once again, the nation v nation challenges are the least interesting thing about an episode that traverses Russia (sensibly steering well clear of the Ukraine). And once again, Cat and Jesse emerge as the most huggable couple in the history of the show – partly because they're obviously such thoroughly decent people, partly because they're so satisfyingly good at simply following instructions and not doing dumb things. That rarely gains them the lead, of course, but tonight the deep streak of common sense pays off for them, while a much less sensible couple pay the price.