Melinda Houston's TV picks for Saturday August 9


Season final 3/5

6pm, Ten

Surprisingly sweet conclusion to season 25 (that’s right! 25!) in which Lisa narrates (despite being occasionally interrupted by her mother). It’s not an instalment that will have you wiping tears of mirth from your eyes, but there are certainly some fun moments as Bart does the dirty on Milhouse and suffers pangs of conscience, while Homer commits to ensuring that Springfield has a proper Fourth of July.




6.30pm, Ten

It’s easy to feel a bit tired by Jim Carrey’s elastic features but here, in this context, they actually do the trick – especially as they’re accompanied by something that feels very much like heart. This isn’t a particularly faithful remake of the 1938 kids’ book but it retains its essential sense of wonder, and of chaos. The small people in your house will adore it. And for rather more mature family viewing, it’s followed up by Little Fockers, 8.30pm.



7pm, Seven, Fox Footy

Not sure that anyone’s still seriously considering either Geelong or Fremantle as genuine premiership contenders – they’ve both been a bit flaky this season. But there’s no doubt both are seriously talented, and both have a lot of faith in their own chances. They also represent two very different coaching styles which could make for an intriguing clash on the technical front (if that’s one of the reasons you watch footy). Given this is all going down at the Cattery, it’s likely to go Geelong’s way. But in a season of upsets, why shouldn’t this be one more?